Alignment when co-developing products with OEMs is critical for success. We align our team of Industrial Designers, Program Managers and Engineers with yours to ensure we have a clear understanding of your goals and brand DNA. Leveraging our proven product development process, we’ll define key goals, milestones and objectives before the project leaves the gate. This ensures we are able to exceed expectations together, as a team, without false starts and setbacks.

  • Understand Brand DNA
  • Define Goals + Objective + Milestones
  • Leverage Product Development Process


What truly sets Sportech apart is our product design capabilities. It’s who we are. Our world-class team of industrial designers are experts in product integration and styling and are wildly creative, yet bounded by manufacturing and project constraints. We ensure every sketch is representative of real world results and the project definition. Working directly with our team of mechanical engineers in a manufacturing environment, our ID group is one of the best in the industry for bringing concepts to market on time and on budget.

  • Maintain Customer Brand DNA
  • Initial Sketching + Modeling
  • Internal + Customer ID Approval


Our in-house engineering and prototype capabilities allow us to rapidly transform an idea into a tangible product in record time. Our team of experienced engineers and designers are armed with the latest CAD software and rapid prototyping tools. Our team is purpose-built to collaborate with OEM engineering teams, providing full design and modeling support, including validation. View our team as an extension of yours, allowing you to develop more product with a limited engineering team.

  • Utilize Latest CAD Software + Rapid Prototyping Tools
  • Provide Full Designs and Modeling Support
  • Test + Validate Product



We only work with OEMs and understand the importance of choosing a great manufacturing partner. Our innovative approach doesn’t stop after the parts are designed. We work closely with our customers to monitor inventory level, stocking programs and take-rates of the products we help design. Our award-winning delivery performance is something our customers count on. Whether in an accessory or production environment, we do whatever it takes to make sure our parts are there when you need them most.

  • Create Launch Plan
  • Monitor Take Rates/Inventory Levels
  • Develop Stocking Plan
  • Ongoing Cost Reduction