Complex Cab System

With an ambitious launch date for a vehicle on the horizon, a multinational corporation turned to Sportech to create a complex cab system that would perfectly accompany its new chassis.

The product needed to be completed within 18 months, and at a competitive retail price point that wouldn’t compromise the company’s brand promise.

Discover Phase

We started by digging into the vehicle’s marketplace positioning and our customer’s overall goals for the program. Then we assembled a dedicated team to follow the project from start to finish, including program management, industrial design and engineering resources.

The complex vehicle dynamics, requiring more than 20 parts designed as a system, would require careful planning, collaboration and problem solving to ensure the complex cab system would work seamlessly.

Design Phase

Multiple dimensionally significant sketches helped the customer’s internal industrial design, marketing and engineering teams envision the product and ensure the final result would match their vehicle specs and brand DNA.

We provided several concepts that enhanced vehicle styling and represented the latest design approaches for UTV systems. These sketches were used for early cross-functional buy-in and allowed revisions to be made on paper, not later in the project, to preserve timelines and cost targets.

After approval, our industrial design team translated the sketches into CAD, ensuring key design elements were not lost by engineers focusing on structure.

Develop Phase

Using the A-side geometry created during the design phase, our product developers and engineers created the structure of the roof and addressed challenges with the interface of the vehicle by making subtle adjustments. The design-forward approach and collaborative process ensured the overall aesthetic was maintained without compromising function and quality.

Full print packages, control plans and CAD models were provided to the customer as the product evolved and prototypes were created to support field durability testing and marketing efforts.

Deliver Phase

Because of the tight timeline, we purchased raw materials prior to final product completion and production to support initial orders, which began immediately following the development and testing stages.

Our project team managed initial stocking orders, and they watched inventory to maximize supply on more popular items. In addition, we monitored end-user impressions, penetration rate and demand to validate that the design met customer expectations.

In the end, Sportech delivered throughout every step of the process – on time and on budget – directly contributing to our customer’s successful vehicle launch.