Sportech Increases Minimum Wage to $15 as Company Experiences Unprecedented Growth

October 16, 2017



Elk River, Minn. Oct. 16, 2017 – Sportech Incorporated, a global leader in OEM thermoformed plastic products located in Elk River, Minnesota, has voluntarily increased minimum wage to $15 for all basic assembly and manufacturing positions effective September 22, 2017. The move was in response to the company’s continued growth and desire to attract the very best workers.

Sportech is projecting revenue growth in excess of 25% for 2017 and currently has more than 25 job openings in all facets including assembly, design engineers, machine operators, material handlers, and administrative positions.

Poised to celebrate 25-years of operation in 2018, the company embodies the true American spirit of entrepreneurship. With humble beginnings in the garage of owner and CEO, Chris Carlson, the company experienced explosive growth fueled by ingenuity, determination, and hard work. Today, Sportech employs more than 238 full-time employees and has invested more than $23 million in two state-of-the-art design and manufacturing facilities within the small community of Elk River.

“This community means everything to us,” said Carlson. “This is our home, and it’s important for us to be actively involved in every way we can. That means creating quality jobs, providing a high-level of compensation, and offering programs and tools for our employees to grow – not just within the company, but the community as well.”

Sportech has continually been recognized for its job creation initiatives and innovative approach to employee development. Employee-focused commitments go beyond jobs and compensation; the company works tirelessly to develop and promote employees through leadership training initiatives offering Sportech Leadership Academy and Master’s class. In addition, where other companies have reduced benefits, Sportech has aggressively enhanced their offerings, providing a robust package of benefit options.

“We genuinely care,” said Carlson. “Actions speak louder than words…the move to a $15 minimum wage, along with the benefits we offer and the programs we have in place put the needs of families and individuals ahead of the company.”

Creating a dynamic and attractive culture is a strategy which has served the growth of Sportech well over the past 24-years. It’s an energy which creates a positive cycle, attracting great employees, great team players, and creates a corporate culture driven to grow and succeed.

Such a culture requires more than just compensation, employee programs, and great benefits. Sportech places an equally high-level of importance on cultivating a culture grounded in family values and integrity. Employees are encouraged to help with local charities, ministries, non-profits, or simply other families in need through paid volunteer hours. In addition, company-wide activities such as department fun days, bean bag tournaments, and volunteer days, keep the Sportech experience fun and employees engaged.

“I want our employees to feel a sense of connectedness to this community, to this company, and most importantly to each other.”

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